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Have the Dolphins Hit Bottom?

Ouch.  I feel like I have been kicked in the stomach 8 times.  Why 8?  Because my beloved Dolphins have lost 8 in a row dating back to December of last year. 

 So far, there is no help in sight with the way in which the Dolphins lose. 

Dolphins seem so close, but so far, they are proving to be a bumbling franchise with need and hope for a savior. (Hence the Andrew Luck talk)

You can look back on the string of losses that led to this 8 game losing streak and realize that the worst lost was the first one.  The Dolphins are like an alcoholic in that the first drink is the worst one.  After that, losing becomes somewhat a natural part of the routine as does the daily drink.

To train hard during the week and then end it with a loss and hear fans that want to go crazy because the Dolphins are losing and while other teams like the 49ers, Bengals, and Titans appear to have the recipe for success is not enjoyable, but it’s a routine. 

Looking back on that loss to the Browns in December 2010, you see the emergence of Chad Henne as scared quarterback in clutch moments.  (2 losses decided by final drive INTs against the Browns). A defense that’s best play is in the first game in the season when Jared Odrick ran into Wes Welker and the ball was suddenly his.

I can’t say that the Dolphins aren’t trying. They are just very inconsistent and haven’t yet mastered the art of playing 60 minutes. 

So, here’s what I propose, the Dolphins need to go to their dojo, train for every opponent and look for their weaknesses.  They need to find a way to exude peace, harmony, and tranquility with eachother and stop pointing fingers.  They need to look in the mirror and realize that they are in this heap of losing together…

But of course, it will take more than playing better to avoid sinking deeper into infamy as a losing franchise.

Go Phins!

 -Michael Serrania