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Hooray for Tanny!

Hooray!  Most of Dolphin Nation is praising the utter joy of drafting a QB in round 1. 

Somewhere off in the distance, a certain teacher and Miami Dolphin fan was praising his students about the Dolphins pick as they walzed into the classroom before taking a nearly impossible vocabulary quiz.  The name Ryan Tannehill sprang off of his tongue as the students prepared for their quiz seeing their teacher in the best mood in awhile after a Dolphins draft.

“Who did they take?” They inquired…Ryan Tannehill! 

 Ryan Tannehill.  From Henne to Tanny…that is what is going on.

Let’s be frank, Dan Marino sounds like ages ago and were getting to the point where most of the guys playing in college now, never saw him play.  So are we really trying to fill his shoes?

In addition, I can see where the comparison might be with Marino, his throwing motion from his ear, but it ends with Ryan Tannehill’s sheer ability to run out of the pocket and make plays!  As he said yesterday, he is his own player.  That’s it.  The comparison stops at him being a first round QB joining Marino and Griese. 

So, as a Dolfan my take is this…we don’t have another QB on the roster that has won a Super Bowl.  We don’t have a QB on the roster that has ever beat the New England Patriots.  Ryan Tannehill is really the move that the Dolphins brass had to make in order to move this team into the 21st century. 

The Dolphins got better today, but why do some media members like seeing the Dolphins flounder or criticize the regime?

Because the Dolphins need to win.  Winning with Tanny will look and feel better!

If you look at the Dolphins drafts of year’s past the common denominator has been Defense.  The Dolphins have rarely sprang for an offensive skills guy until the Ireland era. 

Ireland has now picked a stellar LT in Jake Long, a shut-down corner in Vontae Davis, a staunch Defensive end in Jared Odrick, a nasty center in Pouncey, and now a golden-boy QB with an arm in Ryan Tannehill.

The Miami Dolphins are going somewhere with this pick and optimism and joy reign true in the halls of that school where “said teacher” works at and throughout the world where Dolfans are representing everywhere!

It’s all about #17 baby!