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How do we measure success for the 2013 Miami Dolphins?

The hype machine has been fueled up and the Dolphins bandwagon seems to be growing by the day. It seems almost daily another national writer is writing about the exciting potential Ryan Tannehill can achieve or the opportunity Lamar Miller has to become the next great feature back in the NFL.

Miller recently was given praise from former Miami Hurricane and 49er RB Frank Gore who he is currently working out with this off-season. Many people have said of Miller that he is the fastest back they have seen.

There is a general buzz around this year’s team with all of the off-season moves and the rocky and distracting off-season that the Patriots have had this offseason.

What will be very interesting this season is to see how the fans and media evaluate this upcoming season for the Dolphins.

Should the expectations be playoffs or bust? Should a record of over .500 be the goal?

What is the measuring stick for this team? Jeff Ireland certainly paid big bucks to get this team back as a playoff and division title contender.

Dannell Ellerbe, one of Ireland’s additions this offseason had this to say on the Dolphins hunting down the Patriots. "I think they are (vulnerable), but you have to prove it, you can't just talk about it," Dannell Ellerbe told CBSSports.com's Mike Freeman. "I was brought here to help knock them off," Ellerbe said.

What about the players driving hype around the league, how are we to evaluate Tannehill, Lamar Miller and number 3 overall pick Dion Jordan?

Do we compare Tannehill to Luck, RG3 and Russell Wilson? Are we expecting a pro bowl appearance, what does Tannehill have to do this season to be considered a success? How much development and progression are we to expect from his rookie year?

Does Lamar Miller need a 1000 yard season to prove he can take over as the team’s clear feature back?

Do we cut some slack to Dion Jordan because he will be entering training camp from behind or do we expect an 8-10 sack season? Jordan was drafted 3rd overall, usually that comes with the expectation of immediate production.

There are many questions that come to mind entering this season but how we will measure this season for the Dolphins?  Let us know in the comments or on twitter @Phins_Phocus.