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How the Dolphins Missed Last January (Updated)

What exactly happened last January?  Did Ross simply forget to interview a minority coach to satisfy the Rooney Rule and therefore the deal for Harbaugh would be nullified. 

Did Harbaugh even think about the Dolphins offer? What exactly happened?

In a bumbling, yet spoiled child manner that Ross went after Harbaugh reportedly offering 7 million per year, one would have thought, “This is so awesome, Harbaugh will be the coach of the Dolphins!” To the dismay of many, “how could Ross treat Sparano this way?” and “We don’t want another Saban!”

But it was not to be.  A key figure to the madness was Hugh Jackson.  There were so many reports coming out of the Bay Area that Hugh Jackson was at the airport meeting with Ross about the Dolphins job on that Wednesday night.  Did they meet? Was there evidence to suggest that?  And then the report that killed most of the Dolfan nation if Harbaugh was even possible, “Hugh Jackson has agreed to be the Raiders Head Coach.”

Ross had no idea how to manage the firestorm and no idea how to evaluate the head coaching possibilities. 

If hindsight is 20/20 would Hugh Jackson have been a legitimate fit for the Dolphins? 

Hugh v. Sparano: Hugh (Carson Palmer) v. Sparano (Henne)? 

Do you see how the idea of Hugh Jackson would have been a nice fit?  A QB?  Isn’t that what we want as Dolfans?  A jersey we can buy without having to remove the name on the back.

Hugh Jackson has a 7-4 Raider team playing football and playing with a QB that the Dolphins also coveted before the lockout was concluded in Carson Palmer. 

It’s amazing that this is the same exact Raiders team the Dolphins ran over in Oakland except for the QB.  The Raiders are running over teams with their running game and the passing attack is vertical just like Al Davis would appreciate.

Today’s task for the Miami Dolphins will not be easy.  Almost a year later, the Dolphins find themselves on the outside looking in of having a  head coach and a great quarterback.


Dolphins win 34-14 over the Oakland Raiders.  I cannot understand what that means without all of the games being played today.  Does it mean the Dolphins have an outside chance to make the playoffs?  Not sure. 

I will calmly and quietly eat my words that Hugh Jackson is a good coach.  He made the biggest blunder of all, playing Rolando McClain. 

He looked like a man that could not control his players with all the penalties.