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Is it context or text messages for Richie Incognito?

I’ve had a week to digest the whole mess that is the 2013 Miami Dolphins.  I’ve sat back, listened and laughed at how the media is always at its worst when it comes to some kind of social hot button.

I understand it’s the media’s job to REACT to current events, not OVERREACT.  I was listening to a northeast radio station’s morning show last week.  One morning they spent the ENTIRE show blasting Incognito.  The next morning after the story came out that most of the Dolphins locker room defended Incognito, the same morning show did a complete 180, softening their opinion.  

I’ve lived in Florida for almost 8 years now, and I’ve become friends with the type of people that I probably wouldn’t have 10 years ago when I lived New York.  Not bad people, just more laid back “beach” lifestyle, and come from an entirely different social upbringing. Different social skills.  The relationships has evolved to the point that I know what I can say to them and how far I can “push” just about any subject.  There are things we could say to each other that would offend anyone on the outside listening in. Especially some of my friends in the northeast.

What we’re learning now is that it’s the same way with the Dolphins locker room–or any other locker room or clubhouse.  You all have friends, family, and co-workers that have separate and distinct relationships. It reminds me of the Seinfeld episode “relationship George” vs. “independant George”.  Check YouTube if you’re too young to have seen it.  Each social gathering is different and personal.    

For anyone to pass judgment at this point in the Incognito/Martin issue needs to step back and let this thing play out.  Last week it was all about Martin, his agent and lawyers with accusations.  Incognito is now in LA and teamed up with the Hollywood PR world.  Week 2 of “he said he said” will continue–and I’m sure we’ll find out things about Martin that will have our heads shaking again.   

Meanwhile the Miami Dolphins are about to start a whole new season.  If the Dolphins overcome this mess and come away with a win vs the winless Bucs, chalk it up as the biggest win of the season and look forward to playing a tougher Chargers team.