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Is it going to be Miller time in Miami soon ?

Despite struggling to hold on to the ball, and a general lack of production, Daniel Thomas as still managed to stay in the coaches favor. That being said Daniel Thomas suffered a head injury this past week after recently just getting back into the lineup after suffering a concussion.

Head injuries are no joke to the NFL, and Thomas will have to undergo server test before he is able to get back into the lineup. 

With that being said it might soon be Miller time in Miami. While Reggie Bush is the obvious starter it has become somewhat clear that Reggie does not seem to 100% healthy. Reggie still is very effective when in the game but also does seem to lack that certain bounce and electricity that we are accustom to seeing. 

Lamar Miller who has shown flashes will most likely be given an opportunity to get on the field more and produce. When we have seen Miller on the field he has ran the ball pretty well but the coaching staff doesn’t fully trust him in pass protection. With Miller most likely getting increased snaps this will be a true golden opportunity for him to pass Thomas in the depth chart.

Miller has 23 rushes with 126 rushing yards averaging 5.5 yards per carry and a TD.