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Is it Patience or Urgency for Miami this Off Season?

A wise proverb reads: “Patience is a virtue…”

Forgive me if this wise man had a different context in mind, but we as Dolfans must not stand for the virtousness of the patient approach that has taken 10 plus years to realize from coach to coach and quarterback to quarterback.

You see, almost every coach good or bad is linked to the play of their QB.  Some coaches can be linked to their defense: see Tampa Bay and Brad Johnson and Baltimore with Trent Dilfer. (Both coaches and QB won the Super Bowl.)

The Miami Dolphins have tried over and over to recycle the coach and recycle the QB. Until the Parcells era, did the coach care more about the overall team building from the line on out. 

Parcells chose Jake Long via the blessing and “Pillar of the Defense” comment by Jeff Ireland.  Thank goodness the Dolphins didn’t select Vernon Gholston from Ohio State.  Darn, they did not take Matt Flynn…(maybe that won’t haunt Jeff Ireland if Ryan keeps losing playoff games.)

Parcells recommended Chad Henne.  Chad was physically ready to be QB, but not mentally ready which is why when I personally witnessed Chad Pennington go down into the turf in 2009, I knew that Chad Henne, could not lead the Dolphins because he didn’t have the moxy to handle the pressure.  To improvise.  To be you know…Dan Marino.  Not even close.

So here we go!  Here we are into the offseason with a plethora of college coaches because they are all good English teachers….

The Dolphins must land the QB.  That’s it.  They must.  I’d say take two QBs and run them all in minicamp and get a feel for both of those guys.  Have them throw 100 out-routes in order to envision game time situations.

Don’t just settle on Tannehill because Mike Sherman made him a QB…he is an athlete and it should be taken under consideration he does not have but 2 years of high school QB play.  That’s it.  College and High school that’s close to 5 years!

Don’t take a re-tread QB. 

Look at the draft and pick the guy that can help you win in the future.  A guy that has the fire in the belly of Dan Marino, but is willing to listen and learn. 

Take a guy taller than 6’2″.  Please, if they guy has to run out of the pocket to see over Jake Long or Vernon Carey (or another RT/RG as big as him), it’s not worth the trouble.  We don’t need to lead the league in batted balls by a QB.  We need a guy that can hang in the pocket and smell the blitz! 

So who do you take? 

Personally I like raw talent and talent in the same category.  I like Tannehill, but there are questions about his durability and mobility after recent foot surgery.

I would not hesitate to look at Oswiler of ASU and Foles of Arizona.  (These are just suggestions, I leave that draft analysis to the experts like Daniel). 

In free-agency I would be interested to look at potential free agents if Manning is no longer a possibility, or Flynn is too expensive and costs dumping our top players, then I’d say give Kevin Kolb a look.  

Kolb can thrive in this type of offense.  Has a good arm and can run an up-tempo game. 

There are no answers except patience with the money it costs to land a franchise QB and urgency to actually accomplish it!