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Jake Long says goodbye to the Dolphins


For the 2nd straight year a 1st overall pick is set to have a new team. Jake Long has signed a 4 year contract to go to the St Louis Rams.  The #BringJakeHome campaign which seemed to be gaining serious steam apparently never made it to Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland. Jake’s deal with St Louis is a 4 year 36 million dollar deal.

While it seemed the Dolphins made it competitive it would not be surprising if we later heard the Dolphins never really attempted to match the dollars offered by St Louis. Jake is now the 3rd member of last year’s leadership council to be wearing new colors this offseason. Jake injuries were probably what sealed his faith in Miami as it is presumed the Dolphins will be aiming for a cheaper alternative to help solve their OT holes.

The safest bet is that now sophomore tackle Jonathan Martin will be moved to LT and the Dolphins will pursue OT Eric Winston or Sebastian Vollmer. Both tackles would bring an upgrade and are proven vets that can help the offensive line.

Armando tweeted that the Dolphins are most likely to tackle the position in free agency as opposed to using the 12th overall pick.

I was there and met Jake when he was drafted 1st overall by Miami so it is tough to see a player like that go however it is most likely for the best and we wish Jake nothing but the best of luck.