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Jeff Fisher Interviews with Miami Dolphins Top Brass

Jeff Fisher has interviewed or is interviewing today with the Miami Dolphins.  I am not going to jump out and say that the interview is progressing to an offer.

It is too early to tell.

Armando Salguero pointed out in his blog today that Carl Peterson is involved heavily in all interviews.  This is a welcome sight right?  King Carl and his Fan Vision contraption and his killer handshake and smile to close the deal?

Fisher is seen with Carl Peterson via photo by David J. Neal that he posted today on twitter.

Does Jeff Fisher decide on Miami or St. Louis? 

I would go to St. Louis because of the better BBQ and a quarterback if I were Fisher. 

However if Fisher opts for Miami, the nice ambiance, beach, and restaurants are definitely a hot sell.

Seriously though, Fisher has been brought in to do one thing and that is for the Dolphins brass to make it look like they are serious about winning, fail to land a coach, and then sign a no-name blaming that the market for coaches has minimal good candidates.

The organization will sugar coat it and name the next coach in the next three weeks after Ireland decides on a coach that “can lead” the Dolphins to a championship.

Oh boy….here we go again…

I am hopeful, but painfully optimistic that Jeff Fisher is not coming to Miami except to play the Dolphins in the future.