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Joe Philbin and the Possibility of Bringing in Matt Flynn

With the interview taking place today in Davie of the Packers OC Joe Philbin, the Dolphins might be searching for more than the head coach.

As reported by various South Florida outlets, Joe Philbin has been a key part of Matt Flynn’s (potential free agent QB from Green Bay) development.

It is possible that this is a marriage that might prove successful.

This would not be the first time a coach or personnel man has brought in a QB to lead a team to the playoffs.

This would not be the first time this has happened on the Dolphins.

In 2008, the Dolphins had Josh McKown penciled in as the starting quarterback to eventually give way to Chad Henne.  As soon as Brett Favre landed in New Jersey with the Jets, Chad Pennington whom was drafted by Bill Parcells became expendable.

During the 2008 season Chad Pennington led the Dolphins to their only playoff appearance in 7 years thus proving the marriage between Parcells and Pennington a success.

Fast forward two years, with Todd Haley at the helm as coach of the Chiefs and his boss Scott Pioli.  Piloi after arriving from New England, acquired Matt Cassel after a successful non playoff 11-5 record in New England while Tom Brady was on IR.  Matt Cassel went on to lead the Chiefs to the playoffs in 2010 and a division win. 

So, is it a possibility that Philbin might bring a possible franchise QB with him from Green Bay?  It is easier said then done.

Standing in the way of the Dolphins is every quarterback hungry team.  Teams such as Seattle, Washington, San Francisco, and the Colts (if they don’t go QB in the draft) all have a need at QB.  

In addition, some teams realize that two QBs are better than one such as: Houston, Arizona, Dallas, and Kansas City.

Can the Dolphins entice the Packers should Flynn accept a franchise tag?  Sure they can.  Is it worth picks?  It all depends.  It depends on need and what needs can be met in the draft at the 8th or 9th spot.

In my opinion, Flynn is unproven and has experience in less than a handful of games.  His price will be high as a free agent because he can start right away in almost any system.  However, if Philbin is ultimately named the head coach in Miami, then Flynn would be a logical choice at QB before the draft takes place.

What do you guys think?

Thank you fellow Dolfans for reading!