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Know your enemy: Q & A with RamsHerd.com

This Sunday, the Miami Dolphins take on the St. Louis Rams in what will prove to be a good match up for both teams.  However, the St. Louis Rams have started to turn some heads with quality victories over the Redskins, Cardinals, and Seahawks.  The Rams feature a tough defense anchored by their always up to no good Safety in Cortland Finnegan and incredible play by Robert Quinn, 7 sacks and stalwart stops against the run by Chris Long.  All in all, the Rams are tough, but certainly have their weaknesses.

For this post, I took the time to ask Derek Pease an excellent analyst of his team the St. Louis Rams on RamsHerd.com, a Bloguin blog.  We asked Derek the following about his team’s glaring issues as well as a look into the future with Sam Bradford and if he is the franchise QB in St. Louis.  Derek said the following in our conversation:

1). After watching film, the Rams appear to have consistency issues in the red zone with their receivers. Sam Bradford under duress steps off of is back foot to throw, what do you attribute this alarming trend of interceptions to? 

Some I attribute to BQS or Battered Quarterback Syndrome. But in reality Sam has a bad habit of locking on to a receiver and needs to be much quicker at going through his reads and progressions and then getting rid of the ball. Too often he gives the defense an extra second or two, to close the gap.

2. ) The Miami Dolphins have 6 takeaway interceptions in the past three games.   How do the Rams plan on attacking the Dolphins suddenly opportunistic secondary with a possibility that the Dolphins will bring pressure at the line?


Without Bradford’s safety net playing in Danny Amendola, look for a heavy dose of Steven Jackson and the TE Lance Kendricks.  Kendricks is a viable option, when he catches the ball, and can create a lot of separation in the open field. If he shows early that his hands are “on” look for Sam to target him a lot on quick reads. Also I ouwld truly anticipate Jackson and 7th rounder Daryl Richardson getting a lot of touches to keep the Defense honest and help save Sam from some big hits.

3. ) Without Danny Amendola who will the Rams look to for big plays down the field?

It is again Brandon Gibson’s turn to shine. He has the ability to make the deep play, but so often has disappointed with key drops when given the chance.

4. ) As far as the running game, how do the Rams plan on executing a game plan that features a balance to run v. pass since Steven Jackson has been on the outs with Jeff Fisher?

Look for around 10 carries to go to Daryl Jackson. He is the lightning to Jackson’s Thunder. Fisher will use Jackson to wear down the d-line which he excels at and open holes late for Richardson. This will also help Sam set up the play-action which could come in handy.

5. ) We’ve seen a little over one season of Bradford, in your opinion is he the answer at QB, or is USC alum Coach Jeff Fisher patiently waiting on USC QB Matt Barkley as a guy for the future in next years draft?

I still believe in Sam, however I can’t speak for Fisher and Snead and Fisher plays everything pretty close to the vest. That being said with as awful as this O-line is I can’t see the Rams spending either of their 2 first rounders on a QB next year. But with 11 games left to play a lot can change.

6. ) The Dolphins and Rams represent two teams with new coaches: What does Fisher bring to the game as far as his coaching style and why are his players responding?

The first thing he brings is a toughness and respect that neither Spags nor Linehan commanded. He is not afraid to go for it, which we have seen with the fake FG and having a rookie kicker take 60 yard FG attempts and make them. Spags never gave off that attitude and the players have responded to Fisher that way.

While this game will be played in the hot South Florida humid air, suffocating and cramping the legs of all opposing players in the 3rd and 4th quarter, we thank Derek and his availability to get his take on the Rams versus Dolphins matchup and certainly wish him and everyone at RamsHerd a pleasant Sunday!

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