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Looking Back : Should The Dolphins have passed on Hard Knocks

Today on ESPN Radio, hosts Mike Salk and John Kincade took turns taking shots at the Dolphins after last night’sepisodes Hard Knocks.  Whether it was Vontae David calling his Grama or Ryan Tannehill not knowing the NFL divisions, the two ESPN radio hosts thought that last night’s episode was another reason why the Hard Knocks and the Dolphins might not be the best fit.

While as a fan, Hard Knocks has been entertaining and informative I could certainly see the argument that the Dolphins should have never accepted HBO’s offer.

Results of Hard Knocks

-Help to better connect with the fan base (success)

– Allow fans to be more informed with decisions made by the organization (success)

– Build excitement for the season and possibly increase ticket sales (fail, ticket sales are slightly up but that is only due to the Tannehill selection not Hard Knocks)

-Improve public image in the National and local media ( fail)

– Chad Johnson fiasco displayed to the media ( showed a negative light on team, and does not match Joe Philbin’s image of the team)

– Players being able to witness themselves being called out in front of a national crowd ( while Philbin and the players have stated that the players have been mature and taken their criticism
on the show well, I am sure it is not as easy as just brushing off the new opinion the fan base and national audience must have)

The Dolphins entered Hard Knocks an organization who has gone through its fair share of PR issues and struggles to be shown in a positive light in the national media. After Hard Knocks I am not sure what has exactly changed. While some might be impressed with Joe Philbin’s determination of trying to make the Dolphins into a first class organization, and his effort to build a strong culture around the team, it appears to be the same old Dolphins organization that is displayed for everyone to see on Tuesday nights.

While Hard Knocks has been a blast for the fans (not to mention Jets, Pats and Bills fans who must be loving this) I am not really convinced the Dolphins made the best of their opportunity to clean up their reputation and public appearance with the national audience watching.

Oh well, what’s done is done.