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#ManningWatch Update : Next Stop Arizona

It’s been a stressful few days for Dolfans fans patiently awaiting Peyton Manning to return to Florida to give the Dolphins brass a shot at giving there best pitch. There has been a series of reports that have left fans up and down and quite frankly starting to leave the fan base quite nervous.

Late this afternoon superstar reporter Jay Glazer broke the news that Peyton is leaving Denver without a contract and off to Arizona to meet coach Whisenhunt. The Bronco’s remain optimistic as they feel Peyton’s visit was very productive however most believe it is a bad sign he left without a contract.

Mike Klis ‏ @MikeKlis ( Denver Post)

Manning off to Ariz. Bronco source characterizes Peyton Manning visit as productive. Team is hopeful and encouraged by time spent with him


With Arizona next up it is still unsure whether Peyton will give the Dolphins a shot but many remain optimistic. Perhaps none as optimistic as Orlando Alzugaray from the Big O show.

Orlando Alzugaray ‏ @BigOShow

Manning is friends with Den HC John Fox, this meeting was out of pure respect. Still expect Peyton 2 be a Phin.

Time will tell as to where Manning will be playing but its going to take some patience for Dolphins fans. Let’s all hope he hops on a plane after seeing Arizona straight to Miami.

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