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Matt Moore Runs the Dolphins Offense

  On the eve of this year’s most interesting match up versus the Philadelphia Eagles, I have a few thoughts on the Dolphins offense.

One of the crazy and must unimaginable things that has happened in the Dolphins winning 4 out of 5 is that Matt Moore has played better than any QB the Dolphins have had in a long time.

Matt Moore has shown glimpses of the efficient quarterbacks such as Matt Cassel, Drew Brees, and even Tony Romo. 

If I look back on what I know about Matt Moore before it was a very telling, very interesting game he played versus New England on the road in bad weather where he almost led Carolina to a victory.  He could throw the deep ball in windy and wet conditions and was not afraid to attack the defense.  As an avid watcher of film, I looked at this game before the San Diego game this year because I was wondering what the differences were between Moore and Henne.

Here are my observations:

Moore goes through progressions quickly.  He moves in the pocket to get more time to throw.  He focuses his attention down the field instead of just checking it down to an running back.  Moore reads the defenses to the point of anticipation.  In other words, Moore predicts what is going to happen next before it happens thus giving him time to uncork a bomb or pass for a first down.

Henne on the other hand, depends on receivers to get open and when they are not open, he checks down, runs, or takes a sack.  Henne fires the ball down the field out of reach of a receiver or often into the sidelines.  In the red zone, Henne’s passes often traveled into the back of the end zone as un- catchable or as interceptions. 

If you look at the particular pass play in Dallas, the one to Marshall, Moore realizes that Marshall is lined up one on one v. the Cowboy corner back with minimal safety coverage.  The pass play works and is executed with precision despite Cowboy defenders in Moore’s eyes.  Moore shows the accuracy in that the ball is thrown with just enough touch that as soon as Marshall gets under it, the defender as to grab Marshall, but Marshall makes the play because the ball is thrown perfectly. 

One thing I want to see today is Moore take care of the ball, but take chances deep with Marshall and Brian Hartline.  Check downs are OK to Tight Ends and running backs like Reggie Bush or Daniel Thomas.  Getting Davone Bess in space will be critical and finding him on 3rd down will be especially helpful in attacking the Eagles defense.

I am so impressed with Moore’s aptitude to find the right target in a game that make the offense more successful. 

All of the success today would be a result of Moore being in attack mode in order to keep the Eagles on their heels, but the offensive line has to absolutely dominate and to get the running and passing game going.

Go Dolphins!  Fins Up!