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Matt Moore: The backup the Dolphins are lucky having!











Yesterday was one weird Sunday.  One minute I am waiting for Ryan Tannehill to get a red zone touchdown versus the Jets defense and the next minute I see Tannehill go down in a heap of pain on a sack by Calvin Pace on the next series.  While the other sideline has Tim Tebow, the Dolphins gladly and happily had Matt Moore who was willing and able to lead the Dolphins to victory.

After Ryan Tannehill was named the starter, Matt Moore has been waiting patiently for his chance to prove other people wrong.  He's been rumored to be traded somewhere for a late round pick or receiver at the end of training camp.  The one thing that stood out from his conversation with the media back in August as far as his role was that Matt Moore mentioned he was ready for the relief pitcher role.

On Sunday, Philbin summoned the bullpen and brought in Matt Moore after the sack took Tannehill out of the game and after a couple of warm up tosses, Moore was the man for the rest of the day.  Although 57.9% of passes completed, 1TD and no interceptions, and a 96.6 quarterback ratiing,  Moore could made no mistakes.  Aided by patient running by Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas, and awesome field position and special teams play, Matt Moore's day was not spectacular, but just enough to bury the Jets.    

Even though Tannehill's ability to mobilize the offense complete with hand signals that the offense s was missing, Matt Moore worked with what he had in a gutsy performance of taking over, running the offense, and not shying away from making plays down the field.  On Sunday the Miami Dolphins defense and special teams found a way to get the job done (two blocks on special teams punt and field goal) by Jimmy Wilson and 3rd round pick Olivier Vernon, including a punt block recovery in the endzone for a TD.  

Basically, Moore didn't have to do much, but manage the game and get a hold or a save similar to a relief pitcher.  

If anything, sending Matt Moore out there was a confidence builder for the team and for the coaching staff who were rumored to be unhappy with Moore's play in preseason and not turning out to be the guy that would challenge Ryan Tannehill.

Most of all, it keeps the Dolphins moving in the right direction and shows the resiliency of this team as a team that plays together and wins together.

This is a new era in Miami Dolphins football and the Miami Dolphins are proving others wrong behind one very important concept: team.

Phins Up!