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Miami Dolphin Draft Signings

Despite Steven Ross’ willingess to insert foot and mouth about Matt Moore being the starter and wishing him well, there is good news in Davie.

The Miami Dolphins have signed Rishard Matthews, wide receiver from Nevada.  Matthews provides some deep threat capability and with his speed can stretch the field.

The Dolphins also signed DT Kheeston Randle out of Texas, drafted by Miami in the 7th round.  He should rotate with Paul Soliai if he does make the team. 

So with two 7th round picks locked up, there seems to be great optimism that all draft picks should be signed by training camp…

Should it really take this long?  Multiple teams have all of their picks signed.  For one, the Green Bay Packers signed all of their picks more than two weeks ago. 

This isn’t a criticism of the front office per se, but why did the Packers sign their picks so quickly? 

For a regime that claims to get down to business and not let the media spin the current situation out of control, the Dolphins have a lot to learn despite making strides to change the image of Miami synonymous with South Beach into Green Bay.

Here’s to Steve Ross not being spokesperson for this team any longer and letting the coach speak for the team.

As a Dolfan, I get tired of hearing and seeing more negativity in Miami, which can only mean one thing…things are still bad until proven otherwise!