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Miami Dolphins Draft Options

When looking at the Miami Dolphins options for the 2012 draft, as a fan, it’s difficult to be excited.

One never knows if it’s a good thing that South Florida writers are pining for some hint of an existence of a quarterback as the pick, if that actually translates as a sign that the super-secret lockdown mode is all part of the plan.

That the attraction with Peyton Manning was not mutual, but rather more of a wish or a desire.

That the counter move to Manning of Matt Flynn was more of a power play, when there was no option to fall back on.

That the Miami Dolphins fell for Alex Smith, when he used them to get more money and respect from the 49ers and their happy go lucky coach.

The Miami Dolphins truly have nothing to swindle any teams with to move up in the draft and take the very best player available.  Gone is Brandon Marshall, who technically was gone after the last game if you believe that Jeff Ireland was talking to the Bears at the combine and the Senior Bowl.  Marshall would have been excellent trade bait to the Rams who need an alpha-receiver and a target for Sam Bradford who needs to show something to be placed in a category of bust status along with many Oklahoma quarterbacks. 

Seriously, and based on reality, the Miami Dolphins have nothing but two third-round picks to move up.  Not appealing to most GMs unless it is someone from the cloth of Bill Parcells. 

So, here are the possibilities at number 8, because let’s be real, the Dolphins brass and Jeff Ireland count too much on late round guys to make the team so they are not trading up.

In the First Round:

Dolphins need the QB:

Option 1: Draft Ryan Tannehill

Option 2: If Tannehill somehow gets taken 3rd or 4th, then it’s time to look at wide receiver.  I like Michael Floyd of Notre Dame. If they can, a trade with KC since they apparently like D at this spot.  They need an LB.  Take Floyd out of the top 10 and maybe that will be a better value.  Matt Moore/David Garrard need a target.  That’s clear.  Roberto Wallace who is comparable to Marshall, is big and strong, but not ready to be that number one guy.

Option 3: If Tannehill is gone take Trent Richardson.  I know.  Been there done that with Ronnie Brown in 2005.  If he is on the board, you can’t pass up on his potential to give the offense a boost.  He runs up the middle better than any running back on the roster.  He’s faster than Daniel Thomas. A Bush-Rich combo would be outstanding whent he Dolphins need to get the ground game going.

Option 4: Trade back and hope that Brandon Weeden is available.  Weeden has shown more accuracy and more poise in big games last season.  When it counted, he gave the Oklahoma State Cowboys opportunities to win with big play drives against a very tough Stanford team.  Weeden also can come in and start right away.  He’s a leader and he’s the type of guy that get the locker room to follow him because of his experience as a professional baseball player in the Yankees and Dodgers organizations.  

 Where do the Dolphins go in round 1?  I think the best possible pick on the board will be the pick.  Sure, I’d like to see the Dolphins get a QB in round 1…who wouldn’t?