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What are the Dolphins expectations in 2016?

As most Miami Dolphins fans will attest, expectations at this time of year are all we have had for a long time.

The cavalcade of new coaches, front office people, free agents & draft choices have been endless. The only constant has been the losing and mediocrity that come from constantly making changes. Every year, we would hear the masses on Twitter say it: “This year will be different!”

In reality, the thing we do know about the Dolphins is that there are a lot of unanswered questions. Do we have the QB to take us to the next level? Have we finally fixed our OL? Is the receiving corps going to become an elite one? Who is the starting RB? Is Cameron Wake healthy? Who will step up at CB? Which rookies will make an impact this year?




All of these questions are true concerns that most objective Dolphins fans will acknowledge. To be realistic, one would have to think that not all of these issues will be answered in a positive way this year. The hope is that you get answers, good or bad unlike the last few years where they had a sock puppet as a head coach.

That brings me to the most important thing accomplished this off season. That is a front office and coaching staff on the same page. I believe Gase, Grier & Mr. T have one vision. Gase is going to tell the GM & scouts the type of players he wants and their job is to get them. No more mixed signals. This year is about Gase evaluating the roster and finding the type of guys he feels he can succeed with & trying to answer the questions mentioned above.


So, where does that leave us as Dolphins fans? Unfortunately, while a 10 win type season is not entirely out of the question, I don’t see happening with all of these unresolved issues. In a perfect world, this year gives us the answer at QB and the team improves and develops as the year goes on. To me, this year is shouting 6-7 wins again. However, as bad as that sounds, it is not Groundhog day. I think this is the year they begin the ascension from the abyss. The right guy is leading this team.