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Miami Dolphins Twitter Crash Course

As most of you know by now, I am a huge twitter enthusiast (@PhinsDaniel follow me). That being said there are a healthy amount of our Phins on twitter and most make pretty entertaining follows.  In case you needed wanted a Dolphins twitter crash course here it is.


Dolphin’s media you should be following:

@BenVolinPBP Ben Volin a very reliable member of the media, and a very solid Dolphins source.

@OmarKelly – He certainly is controversial and opinionated but most Dolphins fans follow him

@ArmandoSalguero – Breaks Dolphins news as quick as anyone

@davehydesports – Always brings his interesting sports mind to the table


Dolphin’s fans to follow:

@TheMattyI – A very solid representation of the Dolphins fan base, and isn’t too much of a homer.

@PhinsRock – Just a good dude to follow

@PhinNation / @thephinsider – Always a good read on their blog.

@FinsJesse – Not only a fan but also the leader of the finsiders and an absolute must follow for phins fans.

@rizzmiggizz / @finsnation – maybe the funniest dolphins fans out there

@AlexMigilio – A solid Dolphins fan who can give you some great fantasy advice as well

@KohneysKorner – His experience in the media world always brings for entertaining tweets, as well as his usual different perspective on the Dolphins.

@DolphinsTalk – Dedicated fan

@NealDriscoll – Tends to sometime be on the controversial side but no doubting his love for the Phins, also can be entertaining. 

@DolphinMick – Are other writer on PhinsPhocus.com

@PhinsDaniel – Me 🙂  

Dolphins players to follow:








Now you should be all set !