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Miami’s GM search continues to anger Dolphins fans

Two weeks ago, the Fire Ireland crowd was growing contentious prior to the "parting of ways" of GM Jeff Ireland.  Some fans called it their happiest day of the year, dream come true, or Hallelujah moment.

Ironically, the Dolphins fans who celebrated the firing of Jeff Ireland are now puzzled as to why Jeff Ireland was in fact let go.  Sure, the Dolphins have formed a committee to search for the best GM in the NFL.  They've looked near and far from everywhere from the lowly Cleveland Browns to the highly thought of New England Patriots.  They've interviewed 8 candidates and have been re-buffed by several more.  

After being turned down this evening by Nick Caserio, an up and coming talent evaluator, former player, and VP of football operations, Caserio did what any other candidate has done to Miami and shoved it where the sun don't shine.

Sadly, the Dolphins have an image problem brought on by "bullygate", a lack of acceptable attendance, and an owner that seems as out of touch as your older uncle after weathering memory loss and amnesia.  Ross left this task of seeking out available candidates to former GM and longtime business associate Carl Peterson. King Carl has sought out what he believes have been the best candidates that would fit the organizational structure Ross wants to sell to an incumbent GM. 

However, what King Carl fails to realize, is that even the media can tell that several of these candidates do not have the actual qualifications to be the GM and that many don't want to work in an environment where their isn't a feeling of being the boss.  A new GM would report to the owner, but wouldn't actually have reports.  No one in their right mind should take that kind of job because your basically an office manager of your self and have no decision making power.  Since both head coach Joe Philbin and VP of Football Administration Dawn Aponte have been very present in the search process, both have aligned themselves to be the decision makers.  Head coach Philbin can decide who plays and Dawn Aponte can overrule the new GM's willingness to sign free agents and draft picks since she controls the allocation of funds.  

None of this is appealing to candidates that have chosen to say thanks but no thanks in Miami.  

However, the buck really doesn't stop with candidates turning down the jobs.

Fans, in part have voiced their opinions.  One fan who calls himself @Bradshaw1984 on Twitter says:

even if you give it to Gaine, even your own guy feels worthless, and is perceived as winner by default.

In all, the Dolphins have a problem and the fans will respond by not buying into the charade that the Dolphins' owner has attempted to sell each and every candidate.
From the very start, this same exact movie has played the past several years under Ross' ownership of several different theaters.  To remind everyone, the movie ends in box office failure and for Dolphins fans, who are already desensitized to top down mismanagement, this movie is going to be out on DVD shortly. Only this time, fans won't be buying it.