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Mike Florio believes Mike Wallace will be a Miami Dolphin



PFT’S Mike Florio was on the Joe Rose show this morning and said “He will be surprised if Mike Wallace isn’t a Miami Dolphin".

While Florio’s batting average with bold predictions isn’t exactly 100% he is still obviously a very well connected source and his statement is worth listening to.

Mike Wallace obviously brings the much needed speed dimension to the Dolphins offense and finally puts a solid playmaker that can stretch the field on this roster. While Wallace is a very solid fit many are skeptical that he can be a red zone threat and that his biggest asset is as a deep threat which is an aspect of the Dolphins offense that isn’t commonly used.

Wallace is young and has had success early in his career however would obviously garner a fat contract. Something of the 50 million for 5 years variety which is not quite Larry Fitzgerald money but not exactly a team friendly contract either.

Wallace is one of the 3 big name free agent WR’s this year along with Dwayne Bowe and Greg Jennings.

Wallace's role potentially has a huge upside in this offense with his premier speed coupled with Hartline (if resigned) would be a solid match. Wallace’s impact would be different than Brandon Marshall’s so it is important to manage expectations. The addition of Wallace would be a very significant piece however not the final piece of the puzzle.

The NFL is built on playmakers and the Dolphins simply don’t have enough. The move would still require the Dolphins drafting and building a young WR talent in the draft additionally also hopefully adding a seem TE would could really open this offense up.

The objective of this off season is to get Ryan Tannehill some help, Mike Wallace certainly does that.