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Mike Pouncey impressing on and off the field

I woke up this morning to an interesting article posted on PFT saying Mike Pouncey apologizes to Dolphins fans.  The link is posted below.


After reading the article, certain thoughts came into my head. First and foremost, I like and respect the sentiment from Pouncey. Pouncey is holding this franchise to a higher standard and statements like this help change the culture in Miami. Pouncey comes from a winning college team in the university of Florida where he was a part of the winning Tebow magic. Pouncey like most players believe this team can compete and while the team has come up short the past two week it is nice to know that as much as the effort is their the main goal is still focused on getting W’s every Sunday.

While this was a mere simple response to from Pouncey, it is a continuation of the Dolphins trying to be more transparent with the fan base. Joe Philbin also displayed some transparency after Sunday’s loss calling out players on specific plays and indicating to the fans and media where players need improvement. Some might dispute where why weren’t player held accountable on Sunday rather than on Monday on the press room and we might have seen the message loud and clear this week when Naanee was released.

In terms of Pouncey, he has nothing to be apologetic over; he is currently ranked the number 1 center in the NFL by PFF and has been lights out so far this year and well his whole pro career. Pouncey has been a true professional and has the look of a 10 year pro bowl vet. Pouncey has been amazing, blocking defenders in the run game and hardly quarterback pressure. Pouncey has shaped up to being everything and more the Dolphins could hope for when they drafted him 15.

I have loved everything I have seen from Pouncey on and off the field, so don’t be sorry Mike but I just like you would love to see more W’s.