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Mike Pouncey might be in deep trouble

While the Miami Dolphins have gotten lost this season dropping their last four games, for one Dolphin, Mike Pouncey might have his focus on other things.  

In the off season, Pouncey and his brother Maurkice sported Free Hernandez hats at their birthday and the incident quietly went away as both apologized publicly and privately.

However, yesterday after getting beat by the rival New England Patriots, Mike Pouncey, while getting ready to board the team bus was stopped in the hall way by two Massachusetts State Police serving him with a subpoanea to testify against his good friend in college, Aaron Hernandez.  

In fact, according to Roget Cossack of ESPN this morning, Pouncey could "protect himself and plead the fifth" and say nothing.  

However, two hours have gone by, and now Mike Pouncey is become a problem for the Miami Dolphins because it's becoming the story.  

According to Pro Football Talk via Greg Bedard SI, it's possible Pouncey was not served papers only to testify, but because he might be involved with Hernandez's antics in the past.  These antics might include transactions between him and Hernandez specific to guns.

Earlier today during Joe Phibin's press conference, head coach Philbin intimated that he has not talked about this with Pouncey over the past 24 hours.  
With the Dolphins heading into Thursday's game under the pressure of a four game losing streak, the last thing they needed was a distraction that could become bigger than most fans and reporters know.  For the Dolphins, their anchor of the offensive line might need to worry more about getting the best legal representation possible and that's a crying shame if this young star were to be involved.