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Miller vs. Thomas: Who will start Week 1?

Lamar Miller or Daniel Thomas?

For some fans, the thought of the question alone would be insulting, however, to others the question of who should be the Dolphins starting running back is a very legitimate one.

Most people assumed going into this off-season that Lamar Miller would be given the keys to the Dolphins offense. Miller has special speed, pass catching ability and is a second year running back poised for a breakout. Miller is often compared to another former university of Miami running back Clinton Portis, a back who had a very nice NFL career. 

The fans are not alone in thinking Miller is poised for a breakout, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter the Dolphins organization has very high hopes for Miller and he is "their guy."

That being said, only 2 things can keep a young talented running back off the field, ball security and struggles in pass protection.  Heading into this season fumbling was never an issue for Miller but with the pressure of being the potential starting back this year Miller fumbled his first preseason carry of 2013. Pass protection also seems to be an aspect of his game which needs improvement.

On the other side of the spectrum is the Dolphins former 2nd round pick Daniel Thomas. Since Jeff Ireland traded up to land Thomas, well being frank Thomas hasn't done much to impress. Struggles with holding on to the ball and not being able to find a role as a short yardage back, Thomas is still trying to earn his way back in the coaches favor. Despite all the disappointment, the argument could be made that Thomas has been the best back this preseason.  Thomas has often been given recognition for his pass protection which should earn him reps early on this season. 

When doing a far from scientific test on the Phins Phocus twitter account, it was quite clear Lamar Miller is still the fan favorite to start. That being said like some fans have suggested, Mike Sherman should start getting creative by putting the 11 best players on the field on offense and start to form some packages where both Thomas and Miller can be on the field at the same time. Talent usually wins out these battles and that would make Miller the safe bet to be the starter this season but it is certainly not set in stone.