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My Dinner with Adam Schefter

Last night I had the pleasure of having dinner with ESPN’s Adam Schefter in New York City. It was quite the experience for me as a blogger and football fan. Adam Schefter the person was just as impressive as Adam Schefter the reporter.

There were many stories that were exchanged over the evening most off the record and there was the occasional argument over different player’s values in fantasy football this year. A big take away from my night was that there is a lot of information exchanging behind the scenes around the NFL.

Schefter explained to me how he has come along in his career as a young reporter in Denver early on trying to get as many stories as possible into the insider he is today we he believes in collaborating with the different organizations to help build a strong relationship where information exchanged can benefit both parties.

For those young bloggers out there or those striving to get to the next level in the media, much to my surprise Schefter was surprisingly encouraging, telling me despite being 22 it is never too late to chase dreams and no hurdle should keep you from pursuing trying to get to the next level.

Schefter also gave me insight on a bit how the NFL draft works and the different information that is exchanged which can benefit some organization and leave the stubborn organizations that don’t trust the information regretting it they hadn’t picked up some of his calls.

Adam also informed me that on the biggest breaking story of the offseason (Peyton Manning) it was the truest form of hard work and collaborating between himself and Mort.

I would love to share more on some of Schefter’s stories however I was sworn to secrecy. After nearly 3 hours with Schefter I left one happy football fan. I have to admit I did contemplate taking his phone a couple of times as he would recieve texts from players, agents and teams from around the league and I would recieve texts from my mother.

Feel free if you have any questions from my dinner, I can try and share what I learnt.