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My take on the Brandon Marshall trade

As free agency opened at 4 o’clock on Tuesday afternoon, breaking Dolphins news hit that the Phins had traded 2 3rd round picks for Brandon Marshall. Immediately as a fan when I hear my pro bowl WR has been traded for basically peanuts, I react with frustration.

This tweet from PBP Ethan Skolnick pretty much sums it up. 

Did not believe Marshall lived up to “elite WR” label with Miami. But GM believed he would. Which is the issue. Error after error.

I took sometime and let it digest and decided that it is impossible that this is a singular move and that this trade had to set up another move by Ireland and crew. While Brandon Marshall both impressed and disappointed on the field, clearly his off the field antics forced this organization to move on. The departure of Marshall leaves a clear void at WR.

The Dolphins went into free agency needing to fill some holes however it seems that they had only created more at free agency start.

However, hours later I read the following tweet,

RT @AdamSchefter: Bears WR Brandon Marshall was involved in another incident that could lead to an NFL review.


That tweet almost made everything better. It is clear no matter how Marshall produces he continues to find ways to screw up. There is a reason that a player with that talent has now been dumped by two different organizations. The Dolphins still have a huge need at finding Marshall’s replacement. The free agent market has dried up with Colston, VJ, Wayne, Garcon, Robert Meachem all signed however the Dolphins did bring in Laurent Robinson for a visit. Mario Manningham and Brandon Lloyd are some names still available.

The more likely option to replace  Marshall however is through the draft with Justin Blackmon, Michael Floyd and Kendel Wright all being viable options.

It isn’t going to be easy to replace Marshall’s size,talent and production but it most likely is for the best.  

It was a rough day for Dolphins fans and we still don’t know Ireland’s plan but let’s all hope its better than all the negative thoughts that are going through our heads.