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New Dolphins offense creating some hype

Could the Dolphins offense break out this season? Well many National writers seem to think so.

Whether it's Greg Rosenthal or Bucky Brooks the Dolphins has got the national media's attention. In Bucky Brooks story on NFL.com (link below) he says Ryan Tannehill might be on the verge of stardom. Greg Rosenthal had Ryan Tannehill as one of the top 10 QB's under 25 and USA Today asks if Tannehill be the next best AFC East QB. Even the folks at ESPN had Ryan Tannehill as the number one NFL player primed for a breakout this season.


The Dolphins as many are more than aware went on a shopping spree for some new toys for Ryan Tannehill and with viable help on the outside and down the middle this team maybe ready to take the next step this season.

Let's not get to ahead of ourselves and assume just because it looks good on paper that it will materialize onto the football team. Ryan Tannehill has taken the steps this offseason to become the center and focal point of this organization.

Ryan has to take his confidence and leadership that we have seem shine this offseason and bring those traits into the huddle this season. Tannehill seems poised and has all the tools to put it together and that could mean a new and exciting offense in Miami.

This team will only go as far as Ryan Tannehill takes them, let's see if Tannehill buckles under this new added pressure of the spotlight or is able to take the next step and become the franchise QB Jeff Ireland drafted him to be.