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New look Dolphins, leaked logo confirmed


A lot of this offseason Dolphins fans have been talking about one thing. It hasn’t been Mike Wallace, and it hasn’t been how the team will find a way how to protect Ryan Tannehill but the big offseason question has been what will the new Dolphins logo and uniform look like.


There have been several different “leaks “ but apparently the Miami Herald’s Armando Salguero has confirmed that one of those leaks is indeed the confirmed new logo. The Dolphins plan to launch the new logo and uniforms on April 25th the 1st day of the NFL draft.

It is also rumored the color scheme will be more of a throwback look similar to the olden days. Some white and blue mixes are rumored to be incorporated into the new jerseys.

I will reserve judgement on my feelings towards the actual logo and uniform until I see the final product however I am not a fan of the way the Dolphins handled this from a marketing and PR stand point. I understand it is just a logo however my feelings are this was handled in too much of a “Dolphins”  way of doing things.

ESPN Social Media Guru Darren Rovell conducted a poll to find out the reaction on the Dolphins logo.

46.8 % : People Don't Care

29.7% : Hate It

23.4% : Love It 

UPDATE : Dolphins CEO Mike Dee has confirmed the leak logo is indeed the Dolphins new logo