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Next for the Helicopter Ride…Mike Mularkey

As the Miami Dolphins coaching carousel turns, next on the docket is Mike Mularkey, Offensive Coordinator of the Atlanta Falcons.

This candidate comes as no surprise as he has been instrumental in developing Matt Ryan in Atlanta and formulating excellent game plans that have thrived under Mike Smith’s defensive philosophy.

Previously fired by Bill Parcells in 2008, it is interesting to see that a portion of the Parcells regime, in Ireland would go after Mularkey. 

Mularkey has a wealth of coaching experience including a stint in Buffalo as a head coach, TE coach/Offensive Coordinator in 2006 and 2007 that was not permitted to call plays for Cam Cameron in Miami, and lastly his last four years calling plays and making Atlanta a winner.  (I might add that the 2007 Dolphins scored 267 points and in 2006 they scored 260 …thanks Steve Stone, with Mularkey as OC/TE coach.)

That is hardly an approvement.  However, Mularkey has experience.  Mularkey has an extreme amount of confidence in game-planning and quarterback development.

Mularkey is your perfect candidate as a re-tread and one of two candidates that have been a head coach when you add Jeff Fisher to the mix.

Jeff Fisher who?  Jeff Fisher according to ESPN101.com is on the “verge of accepting” the Rams offer. 

An offer that Stephen Ross cannot beat and opportunity to mold a franchise QB in his image and show the NFC West that the Rams are tough!

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