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Peter King visits Dolphins training camp

Another exciting day at the Davie today as SI’s Peter King was around as well as the always entertaining Chad Johnson spoke to the media for the first time.

First off here are a couple of tweets that King put out after practice.

DAVIE, Fla.–Mia thoughts 1: Philbin working Fins at fastest pace I’ve seen on trip. Tells me he wants to see max snaps for 3 competing QBs.


Mia thoughts 2: Will see only 1 practice, but Garrard was by far the best QB today. Moving well, throwing downfield accurately, knows the O.

Mia thoughts 3: Tannehill had some good throws … Davone Bess having top camp of WRs. Upstart 6-4 SD St FA Roberto Wallace terrific today.

Mia thoughts 4: Wake adjusting from 3-4 to 4-3 olb. Says he’s okay with it … Great to see one of my favorites, Al Harris, loving coaching. Mia correction: Meant Wake going from 3-4 olb to 4-3 DE. Put on 10 pounds to fight through traffic and play the run.

Mia thoughts 5: Harris is a minority coaching intern … Hard Knocks doesn’t seem oppressive … Chad Johnson working hard. Philbin likes.

Worth taking note that King was not the only one impressed with Wallace as he seems to be turning heads all camp.  Wallace seems like a lock to make the roster with his impressive play to date; while rookie BJ Cunningham might be one of the odd WR’s left out. Clyde Gates also could be given the door with his lack of success last year, and inability to hit the field and make an impression yet.

Ben Voiln of the PBP put out a recap of 85’s interviews with some of the questions and answers below.

How’s camp going?
“F***ing awesome.”

What do you make of Hard Knocks?
“I’m really not paying the cameras any attention. I’m just going. I don’t care to indulge with them, I don’t pay attention, but whatever they catch, they catch.”

How much humbler are you now after what happened last season?
“Nothing’s changed. I’ve always been humble. But when it’s time to play the game, I’ve got to be me. I’m not a bad guy at all. I have fun. I give you guys things to write about, and I will do the same this year also. I got to make up for a year’s worth of work, so you guys are going to be working double time.”

Are you just as fast as you were before?
“Are you watching? Have you been out there? I’m fast as shit.”

The rest of the Q & A can be seen on the attached link. You can see Ocho or Johnson certainly hasn’t lost his unique personality.