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Phillip Merling Released

Yesterday, I posted that Merling would be replaced, but that was a lucky guess and at least not until after the draft.

Jeff Ireland has solidified that he is going to take a DE somewhere in the draft.  Could it be round 1?  It’s possible with Fletcher Cox and Melvin Ingram on the board at 8. 

I certainly don’t discount the contribution of Phillip Merling during the 2008 season when the Dolphins needed a play and Merling took one on defense for 6 against the Jets in a playoff and division deciding game. 

However, Merling has been a bust and now Ireland must rectify that he made a mistake in picking him and not a QB, TE, or any other critical position of need. 

It’s quite easy for Jeff Ireland to use Parcells as the scapegoat here…was it Parcell’s choice or Jeff Ireland’s?

Merling has been injured often and recently after signing his tender, he did not do his part and participate in non-mandatory OTAs to be with his teammates. 

At least the Dolphins can rest easy that they will not have to wait for Merling to turn on that switch from 2008 and be ready to go for the 2012 season.

Some serious questions come to mind garnering answers. 

Does this change the draft plans of Ireland who many media members and draft gurus believe he is taking Ryan Tannehill on the request of owner Stephen Ross?

Do the Dolphins tip their hand slightly and go after DEs in the first and second round? 

Do the Dolphins make any other moves such as looking if Sean Smith or Vontae Davis is the better corner and put either of them on the trade block to get more picks?

There are a lot of possibilities at 8, so the Dolphins look to continue their rebuilding mode if more moves are made to rectify past mistakes.

What will Ireland’s countermove be after the release of Merling? 

As a Dolfan, you can only hope that the Dolphins take a QB somewhere and in a year we are proudly wearing the jersey of the new QB!