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Phins Phocus gets a new blogger : @DolphinMick

Due to the depression the Dolphins play, and my new venture into Bloguin’s newest project NFL blog Any Given Sunday, I haven’t been able to give Phins Phocus my undivided attention.  We pride ourselves here at Phins Phocus at giving you a unique look at the Phins. That being said like I said in my last post I expect to be more active blogging once or twice a week but recently we just signed a new blogger Michael Serrania or as some of you from twitter might know him @DolphinMick

Michael is a educated Dolphins fan like most of going through the lul’s of this season but wanted a chance to spread his voice and opinions on the phins to the public.

So give Mick a warm welcome to Phins Phocus, I am sure he is excited to inform you guys of all he has to offer.

Till later folks,