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Possible delay looms with Dion Jordan’s rookie contract

Last off season, the Miami Dolphins were a team searching for a quarterback to take them to the next level. With the eight pick of the draft, they took Ryan Tannehill. However, as evidenced by HBO's hard knocks that negotiation was not an easy one when Jeff Ireland was shown hanging up the phone with Dawn Aponte and muttering: we have to get him signed.

Enter this year's big contract squabble aims to include that same sticking point.. offset language. 

The Dolphins, who have every right to protect their interests included offset language in the contract with Tannehill.

 If it wasn't for Ryan Tannehill's willingness to get in camp quickly, the negotiation would have dragged on and Matt Moore would have started week 1 and we would have seen a different Dolphins team.

Some fear, including Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, that the Dolphins will guard against injury by including offset language in their dealings with Jordan. In fact, it very well may be a sticking point that could drag on the negotiations well into the start of training camp.  Jordan had surgery on his shoulder in February and has since recovered and is close to being ready for camp.  However, since Jordan is missing time at OTA's due to the University of Oregon on the quarter system resulting in a later graduation date in June, he's missing some valuable defensive installation and meetings with Dolphins defensive players.

While the Dolphins have every right to protect their interests, they also have to realize that Jordan has to get in camp if he hopes to start and get on the same page with the strength and conditioning coach, where Jordan needs to be In playing shape and ready to be the force he was at Oregon. Not to mention, as a hybrid linebacker/defensive end, he'll Need to get those reps to be on the same page with defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle.

From a fan's perspective, one might say: just sign it already. However, the Dolphins should be as diligent as possible and get the deal done with Jordan by making him happy, but at the same time covering themselves if Jordan goes bust early in his career.

Including the offset language won't get the deal done as quickly. The Dolphins will have an uphill battle and a supposed "dogfight" according to Mike Florio in getting Dion Jordan signed.  

From an agent's perspective, with Ziggy Ansah of the Lions taken 5th overall signing without offset language, it will be all about burning the midnight oil and seeing if Dawn, Jeff, and Jordan's agent can find a common ground and strike a deal.