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Quick Lockout Update: Not Great News

Wanted to keep you guys who are out of the loop on the latest on the lockout news informed. That being said it has been almost impossible not to hear about whats been going on out there in the NFL world.

Quick Update as of 11:21 AM 22/07/11

Mawae said NFLPA will consider proposal today and vote is possible but not likely, more likely vote happens this weekend, the league most likely will not open until the players approve the NFL proposal and vote to pass it.

AdamSchefter: reps emailed a letter to players, “We will meet again Monday to discuss our options and the direction we want to go.”

@ Chris Mortensen I believe things will be worked out over weekend. or very early next week. There is more optimism.

Quick update as of 21/07/11:

The NFL owners ratified the proposal to end the lockout 31-0 (with Oak deciding not to vote). That set up potential for Free Agency to being the 27th and the league to open on the 23rd if the players approved the vote.

The NFLPA is still looking for a global settlement. There will be no vote as of thursday night. Players haven’t rejected the deal; they just want time to read it over. It’s the rules they’ll be playing under for the next 10 years.

There is a lot of buzz going around a lot of people blaming players. There are many players claiming this was all a PR move by the owners. Many players have gone on twitter and on NFL Network saying they havent seen the deal before and have sited different reasons why they dont think that the owners are offering a fair deal. NFLPA also launched two emails clearly stating there has been no deal which has been made yet. We really dont know what to believe but the bottom line is, as of today, there is NO DEAL DONE.

George Wilson (Buffalo Bills Player Rep) said that there is no time table as to when the players will vote.

Hope still floats, but its not over till the fat lady sings (aka Godell and De Smith).