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Reasons for Todd Bowles as the Next Coach


After the Dolphins debacle in the second half of the game and I still want to give Coach Bowles one more chance to see what kind of leadership and toughness he can instill in week 17. 

The chance for Bowles is nothing new to South Florida media.  Armando Salguero would rather not touch the subject of Bowles as the next coach calling his chance an experiment and that it is time to clean house and start fresh. 


I happen to disagree with Armando in that it’s easy to blame Bowles for the loss to New England.  Frankly, the Dolphins failed in every category from special teams to offense to defense.  I pin the loss on the coaches and strength and conditioning coaches who are responsible for this Dolphin team being in shape. 

Bottom line, the Dolphins had Brady on the ropes and they danced and pranced around like they one the game.  Then the big play that didn’t happen defensively was a sure INT by Vontae Davis who instead dropped the ball thus breathing life into the New Englan offense.  No way I blame Bowle’s for Vontae’s misplay.  The technique was there. 

It’s now officially Jets week and it’s time to ring in the New Year with a win over the Jets!

I am looking forward to seeing Brian Daboll’s game plan in action!

Yes, we all know what’s coming.  We all know that Stephen Ross with the help of Jeff Ireland will recommend a coach that will carry the Dolphins into the future.  We know that heads are going to roll on the entire coaching staff or many will leave for other jobs.  We know that change is coming.

However, there is another way to look at this possible change.  The Miami Dolphins blew through Buffalo last week and fired up the running game. The defense has improved tremendously and shut down the Bills best receiver in Stevie Johnson last week.  

Why not Todd Bowles?  This is why I believe that Todd Bowles should get an even better interview opportunity than other more experienced coaches.  Todd Bowles brings intensity to the team.  His quiet and calm demeanor brings together a team in which they go out and fight for each other.  He brings leadership and unwavering consistency to play calling and game management. 

In the Buffalo game as the Dolphins got down early by 3, he helped bring that defense and offense together on the sideline for the purpose of winning the game together. The way the momentum was headed toward the Bills especially with the two blown redzone series by the Dolphins resulting in field goals, the Dolphins came back and score 27 unanswered going into the 4th quarter. 

Some of you say that maybe the Dolphins were playing for their jobs or for deposed coach Tony Sparano.  I say, that is all possible, but I believe deep-down in their aqua and orange hearts they were playing for Coach Bowles. I know how much coach Bowles means to the DB group of Sean Smith, Vontae Davis, and Yeremiah Bell and they’ve been vocal in their belief that Bowles made them even better players.

Coach Bowles brings one heck of a resume as player with the Washington Redskins, hands on approach with DBs and their development, and has already received high recommendations from the likes of Darrel Green, an NFL Hall of Famer. Players that can coach receive more respect.  Shula was a player and then a coach in the league. As was Mike Ditka. 

Lastly, Bowles brings the work ethic and no-nonsense attitude that this team needs.  He doesn’t let guys slide.  His approach is different than Sparano in that he does not fist pump field goals, but he has a quiet way of celebrating.  He acknowledges but good and bad plays, but he doesn’t over-react.

So, is Bowles legitimately a candidate?  I believe he is.  Paired with a QB from the draft, Bowles could be the next and best coach for the job if the Dolphins finish strong and win against New England today and the Jets next week.