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Reggie Bush and the Rushing Title

While some players tout the opportunity to win a Super Bowl, some players make predictions in the offseason.

On Tuesday, Reggie Bush shared exactly what was on his mind, he wants to win the Rushing Title. 

There are many questions not if Reggie can be the NFL season leading rusher:

Is Reggie Bush durable enough for a 16 game season?  He played 15 games last season and missed one due to a sprained knee.

Does Reggie Bush fit into this new blocking scheme?  Reggie Bush played in a Pro-Style offense at USC and the numbers speak for themselves.

Can Reggie Bush handle the amount of carries it can take to get at least 1,800 yards next season?

First, Reggie trains in the offseason and if the Miami Dolphins workout videos prove anything, 80 pound dumbells on a chest press is not a leisurely exercise.  Reggie trains hard.  He works hard.  

Next, Reggie will have to get spacing on sweeps right or left.  However, last year when the guards did pull, Reggie made the highlight reel with a nice 200 yard game up in Buffalo in the snow.  

There is a downside to this prediction: Injury.  Injury that lingers.  Hamstrings, ankles, and any other leg related injury.

Bottom line, Reggie has to be healthy all year long.  It will be a very difficult task for Reggie Bush because  teams in the division have loaded up to stop the run: Buffalo-Mario Williams, NY Jets: Quintin Coples, and New England front 4 and draft picks expected to all have tough defenses. 

However, Reggie has one huge incentive…it’s a contract year! 

Reggie wants to run well, so maybe if he runs well enough, the clock will tick off faster and the Dolphins can win more games!