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Reshad Jones: A potential pro-bowler in 2012


As the Miami Dolphins season winds down without a winning record, one thing clearly stands out: Reshad Jones is bringing his lunch pail and getting the job done.

The Dolphins safety in his 3rd season, Reshad Jones has amassed 86 combined tackles, 3 interceptions, and plenty of big stops in his Pro Bowl campaign.  

Many fans are starting to take notice of his hard-hitting approach, game changing plays, and an ability to provide support down field.  

Even though the Dolphins rank in the bottom half of pass defense, it is the little things that have kept the Dolphins defense stout.  These intangibles of hard work, ability to take the ball away, read the defense, and make it a nightmare for receivers all fit the profile of what Reshad Jones means to the Dolphins on the field.

The numbers speak for themselves this season with big games versus the Patriots (10 tackles, 1 interception), 49ers (8 tackles), and Buffalo (14 tackles).  Not to mention a consistency in making tackles has made Jones well known in the NFL.  

In addition to these impressive game performances, Jones has learned how to be somewhat of a ball hawk and intercept passes versus Tom Brady, Andy Dalton,and Carson Palmer.  Two of those games resulted in wins and one particularly impressive interception versus New England was called back due to a questionnable block in the back wiping away a pick six.

Over the years, Yeremiah Bell, was the last known commodity in the defensive back field that could make plays.  However, Bell was not as versatile as Jones has been.  Jones can change the game's outcome if he can get his hands on the ball a bit more.  Jones has the speed of Ed Reed and is developing toward that level of talent.

In fact, just last week versus the Jaguars, Jones was credited for a pass defensed as he almost intercepted a Chad Henne pass which with all that space would have resulted in a touch down.

As Jones workload increases, sadly, the Dolphins don't win.  He has had to be more productive in stopping the run and pass in games where the Dolphins haven't won.  In wins, Jones has 30 tackles and two interceptions.  In losses, Jones has a whopping 54 tackles and 1 interception.  

Even though the Dolphins have lost games in the 4th quarter, Jones has shown every reason of why the Dolphins selected him in 2009 in the 5th round.

After having Yeremiah Bell for seven seasons, the Dolphins needed a guy that could plug holes versus the run, help cover receivers, and take away the ball.  Jones has thrived this season in the Kevin Coyle defense predicated on stopping the run and giving just enough space to keep the opponent from moving the sticks.

While Pro Bowl selection is possible for Reshad Jones, he has shown his knack for being a leader in the community.  Jones recently visited a long time fan of the Dolphins approaching her 101st birthday.  The visit prompted autographs and a signed jersey for her and the family.  See, while Jones could be busy nursing his banged up body, he voluntarily visited the family and his biggest fan.  In addition, Jones has been active by recently taking children on a shopping spree at Dick's Sporting Goods.   

Jones has proven all year long that he is worthy of a selection.  From an on the field and off the field standpoint, there is no one better on the Dolphins defense that deserves the honor more than Reshad Jones.

However, don't let a chance at this accolade fool you, Jones will be back with the Aqua and Orange next season ready to bring his lunch pail and work toward the common goal, being a stout and smart defense and making the Dolphins a winner!