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Ross wants a number #1 WR in Miami

When the owner speaks unfortunately we have to listen, despite the fact that most of the Dolphins fan base cringe when Stephen Ross speaks football the fact is that he is the owner and the owner usually gets what he wants.

Earlier this season Stephen Ross was quoted by the Sun Sentinel saying ,  “Ross told the crowd that acquiring a No. 1 wide receiver would be the team’s “top offseason priority” and that they would do “whatever it takes” to land such a player because it would help quarterback Ryan Tannehill. “

Note that Ross’s comments were made before Brian Hartline led the league in receiving although I assume his thoughts remain the same. Miami’s track record of trading for or trading WR’s is not that great, obviously Brandon Marshall and Wes Welker ring a bell.

Next season there are several options to seek out in the draft with a solid group of first round WR talent including, Keenan Allen, Robert Woods, Young and a couple of decent top 2nd round options as well.

On the free agent side Dwayne Bowe is the most attractive name, and a dinged up but solid vet in Greg Jennings might be an option as well. Wes Welker doesn’t seem likely to return to Miami and to be honest I am not sure how great the option is for the Dolphins either way. Mike Wallace I believe would command too much money especially after his holdout this past season.

While I don’t like when Ross speaks publically as he football mind isn’t really parallel to his business mind. Ross’s comments also hopefully will not have an effect on Brian Hartline and Davone Bess who most likely would not be pleased with the news.

That being said Ross’s comments are both obvious and true the number focus should be finding Tannehill a true number 1 target. Love me some Hartline but a number 1 WR lined up with him would only make him better.