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Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins horror movie

Dr. Jekyll meet Ryan Tannehill.

Mr. Hyde meet Ryan Tannehill.

There is nothing scarier for a Dolphins fan than watching a poor first half from the team’s general on the field.  Somehow Ichabod Philbin needs to keep the Mr Hyde version of Ryan Tannehill off the field and Dr. Jekyll under center.  If not, Miami’s “Headless Horseman”–Steven Ross–may appear.

Of course it’s not ALL Tannehill’s fault that the first half of most of these games resembles something out of a M. Night Shyamalan movie, but he burdens a good part of it.  I could throw numbers at you to back it up, but all you really need to do is watch the horror movie develop in the first half. It’s as if a dark cloud just hovers over the sideline.  I swear I’ve even seen the Dolphins cheerleaders morph into the Walmart Fat-Girl models.

But then something otherworldly happens at halftime.  It’s as if someone says the magic word in the locker room and the players come out energized.  They look stronger.  Run faster.  Hit harder.  Even the cheerleaders come out looking hotter.  Maybe the lovely Mrs. Tannehill shows up with a can of spinach for her man.  Who knows.  Whatever it is, Tannehill and company will need to play 4 quarters to have any chance this weekend when the Chargers come to town.  That’s a lot of spinach.

As Halloween passes, lets hope the Jekyll and Hyde game that has possessed Tannehill’s brain and arm have surfaced for the final time.