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Ryan Tannehill leads the Dolphins to an upset win


After 3 straight games of disappointment and frustration the Miami Dolphins which had their fan base encouraged and excited finally came back to form. The Dolphins played an exciting game which ended with Ryan Tannehill leading his team down the field for his 1st career game winning 4th quarter comeback.

 The Dolphins rebounded this week rediscovering  their identity running the football and stopping the run. While we saw shades of the same inept offense and inability to take down the QB the good overcame the bad this week as the Dolphins now sit at 5-6 back in the playoff hunt.

Ryan Tannehill was poised and confident down the stretch in the 4th quarter finding Davone Bess on a couple of big plays that led to a game winning field goal. Tannehill 3-3 for 51 yards on the game winning drive.


Tannehill's 4th quarter today: 7/9, 156 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT's…17 points scored….QB rating of 155.79….Yeah, I guess I'll take that.

The Dolphins run game is what really got the offense going again as they totalled 189 yards on the ground. Both Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas were productive as it was very nice to see both players get their swagger back and run with more confidence. Bush's bounce back game was a long time coming as he hasn't been playing with the same bounce as he did earlier in the season.

The road to 500% doesn't get any easier next week as they get no time to enjoy this win with New England on tap next however this week's win is something to build off of.

The offensive play calling will need to top notch as the Dolphins offense in the first half simply won't cut it.

This teams still remains a bit of a mystery however today was certainly a step in the right direction beating a solid Seattle team at home.

This win also helped the Dolphins improve to 1-0 when the sprinklers go off.