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Ryan Tannehill’s Athleticism: A Hidden Factor Versus Houston

Let’s not get too carried away about Ryan Tannehill’s first game officially as starting quarterback versus the Texans in Houston. Now starting Sunday, the stats count and wins and losses could mount.  Everything that Tannehill does will be recorded on the stat sheet and Dolfans will be at the edge of their collective seats.

Ryan Tannehill has shown a calm presence in the huddle, pocket, and in the meeting room not seen since the likes of that other QB from 1983-1999 in Miami. Tannehill is certainly capable of taking over a game with the flick of a wrist.

However has anyone ever considered the one thing that makes him more a complete QB for this new wave of passers? His legs.

Yes, that’s right, Tannehill has quick feet and has shown his ability to elude tacklers in his collegiate career. Whether it was a short 15 yard scamper for a first down versus Atlanta in the preseason or his history as a college receiver don’t underestimate his legs.

In fact, Tannehill scored four touchdowns and had 58 rushes for 306 yards as a quarterback in college running Mike Sherman’s west coast offense.  A dynamic model for what the Dolphins will run this season the system adopted by coach Joe Philbin is a system that depends on all players on offense in lock step and ready to get set and snap the ball as soon as each play is over.  

Certainly as a fan we all wish that the Miami Offensive line has what it takes to keep Tannehill upright, but what if they can’t handle the Texans 3-4 Super Bowl caliber defense run by Wade Phillips. 

Sure Tannehill has an uncanny ability to read the defense and fit the ball on the run, and make big plays.

However, some pundits might say that with the current depth at running back in Miami, Tannehill should have less pressure to throw, provided that the run game will get chunk yardage and first downs in the new zone-blocking scheme.  However, having another dimension as a quarterback such as rolling out when he senses the rush from the defense, Tannehill has the athletic ability and mental toughness to make big plays when he needs that first down or more with his feet.

Wouldn’t it be great if the Dolphins are inside the five yard line down four points and need a play, who is your go to guy?  The play call will and should be Ryan Tannehill up the middle for the touchdown and a celebration near the tunnel after doing the unthinkable and beating the Texans in Reliant. 

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