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There was Watergate, Spygate, and now there is Shirtgate. Currently in the official Miami Dolphins team store is a New York Jets t-shirt that says “Home of the Jets” on it. This has been confirmed by Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald and even made national news on Pro Football Talks website.

Many Dolphins fans on twitter are insulted and very upset.  After this scandal started becoming a huge story on twitter, Dolphins CEO Mike Dee said that at the request of fans, the team will “remove immediately” the #Jets shirt.

Possibly one of the main reasons for the rage that has come from the Dolphins’ fan base is that both Jets and Patriots team stores are not carrying ANY Dolphins’ apparel.

Personally, I was annoyed when the news broke, but I didn’t think it was as big of a deal as many other fans did.  A bigger issues for me is the fans that show up at to Sun Life (Which aren’t nearly enough). For the fans that do show up to the game, our Sun Life Stadium is quieter then a library.

So Dolfans stop crying over shirtgate and step up and make some noise this season!