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Stephen Ross expected to clean house in Miami

The locker room scandal between Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin is expected to cost Miami Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland and head coach Joe Philbin their jobs.

According to NFL.com's Michael Silver neither Ireland nor Philbin "are expected to survive this."

Joe Philbin has faced scrutiny over why he didn't have more control on the daily events occuring amongst his players. The league's investigation likely will determine what Philbin knew about the situation and when ke knew it. The results could seal Philbin's fate.

As for Ireland, he has been heavily critisized for suggesting to Martin that he confront Ingognito as a potential solution to his problems. While Ireland has been extremely quiet throughout, many in league circles "can't believe he still has a job." If the reports about his discussions with Martin are true, his tenure in Miami may soon come to an end.

At this point, it appears the only thing that will save Ireland and Philbin is a playoff berth.

The full report can be read here.