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Sunday Film Study: Running Back Prospects

It’s about this time of year when I start suffering from some serious football withdrawals on Sunday afternoons. Of course, with the lockout jeopardizing the 2011 season, those withdrawals come with the fear that our Sunday afternoons may be as empty in the fall as they are right now. Nonetheless, some visual aids every Sunday would help in holding us over. And in the spirit of the draft season being upon us, let’s start with this year’s top running back prospects.

Personally, I hope the Dolphins hold off on addressing the need until the second or third round because the shelf life of running backs just isn’t worth a first round pick anymore unless we are talking about a truly elite talent. But there isn’t really any arguing that the Dolphins are going to go running back early in the draft. Here are some highlights of the prospects the Dolphins may be strongly considering.

Mark Ingram, Alabama

Ryan Williams, Virginia Tech

Shane Vereen, California

Kendall Hunter, Oklahoma St.