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Ryan Tannehill and Brian Hartline Shine yet same old Dolphins !

Oh boy! Another heart wrenching loss for the Miami Dolphins this Sunday.

For the 2nd straight week the Dolphins outplayed a team only to lose in devastating fashion in overtime. The Dolphins had franchise records from Ryan Tannehill, Brian Hartline and Cam Wake and light up the stat sheet yet finished second in the most important place on the box score.

While there are several things to smile about from yesterday the fact is that it isn’t much of a consolation when you can’t close a ball game.

As one of our favorite Dolphins tweeted,

Jason Taylor ‏@JasonTaylor

Had to take a few minutes to cool down, but damn thats a tough loss 4 the @MiamiDolphins. Some great performances,means nothing w/o the win


The Dolphins had this game in their back pockets several times however poor game management and play calling ended up biting them in the ass. Joe Philbin for the 2nd time in as many weeks seemed to be out coached when it mattered the most.

Several play calling miscues including getting cute with a fake FB dive pitch to Reggie Bush, killed momentum and did not help the Dolphins cause in closing this game.  Tannehill’s end of game fumble also seemed to be one you could put on the coaches, as the play call given the situation seemed odd. It seems when things have gotten close Joe Philbin and Mike Sherman has not put this team in the best situation to win the games. It’s early but it’s not only the players who need to progress, Joe Philbin is a work in progress as a head coach.

That being said it’s hard to ignore the clear positives from this game. While its still very early, Ryan Tannehill looks like the real deal. Tannehill set a Dolphins rookie record with over 400 yards and had the 2nd most yards by a rookie QB ever. Note Netwon who had one more yard than Tannehill also lost his game.

Brian Hartline had the best performance by a Dolphins WR, EVER! Hartline has really emerged as the teams number 1 WR. While Hartline is still far from an ideal number 1 he has done a good job at trying to prove otherwise. Hartline has really stepped up his game and proven to be a reliable first option for Tannehill.

Cam Wake finally broke through with a monster performance, pilling up 4.5 sacks and Sean Smith finally had a game that fans can be proud of with 2 huge interceptions.

Overall the stat sheet was a beautiful sight for Dolphins except well they lost.


While the future looks bright, the present is frustrating.  *sigh*

A team that is currently 1-3 could be 3-1 if things went a little differently.