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Tannehill MIsses Day 2 of Camp

Flourishing in the practice bubble is the veteran David Garrard as he takes over the bid for the starting quarterback position with a furor and passion to lead.  Yesterday, he took the limited reps he had and took the bull by the horns completing passes and scoring touchdowns much to the crowds delight.  I wonder if the Dolphins decided to hold a practice in Sun Life, would they boo Garrard in favor of Tannehill?

The Miami Dolphins on paper look more like a mish mash of potential CFL or USFL teams.  In hindsight, the constant disappointment in the month of March led to David Garrard, who might be the second coming of Chad Pennington of the 2008 season. 

In reality, the Miami Dolphins drafted well and have young talent at multiple positions, but mainly took care of business by signing stalwart defensive tackle Paul Soliai and Edge Rusher Cam Wake.

Is it important from a competition standpoint that the Dolphins have Ryan Tannehill in camp?  Of course it is. 

Is it a reflection that Tannehill is some spoiled brat with a trophy wife and a degree in Biology?  No. 

Everything that we read and here about Ryan Tannehill is that he is inexperienced, but yet has talent to improve considerably.

However, Tannehill was drafted 8th and caught in the middle of a team trying to save some money should he not pan out and an agent who does not have the wherewithal to take the deal as is with offset language for fear that he will be vilified by the rest of his fellow fraternity of agents.

Tannehill, however, needs to be in camp soon if he hopes to play this season. 

Is Tannehill just chilling at home watching the Olympics?  No.  He is working hard at refining his craft at IMG in Bradenton, FL with Chris Weinke who was a Heisman winner and first round draft pick. This is the same Chris Weinke who refined Cam Newton during the lockout last year. 

It is conceivable that this time tomorrow, the Miami Dolphins have signed their franchise quarterback and concessions are made.

The question is, will the Dolphins coaches trust Tannehill enough to challenge David Garrard for the starting role?