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Technical Difficulties Have Been Resolved

If you have been wondering why certain articles have been appearing and disappearing over the last couple days, it was because the Bloguin network has been experiencing some technical difficulties. To specify, the whole network was in the process of switching over to some new and improved servers, but that process took a little longer than expected.

It appeared we successfully made the move over the weekend, but technical difficulties forced us to move back to the old ones. While we were back on the old servers, the Dolphins signed a couple draft picks, seventh-rounder Austin Spitler and fifth-rounder Nolan Carroll, so I wrote up a couple brief posts that gave the details on the two signings. But because we had to move back to the new servers, and because I forgot to save both of those posts, they were both lost to the old servers.

Anyway, we are back up and running on the new servers and it appears everything is operating smoothly. Expect my frequent posting schedule to resume tomorrow, and get ready for the start of July as we crank things up a bit in preparation for training camp!