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The three ring circus continues for Miami Dolphins

As the Dolphins begain their GM search, 7 8 candidates were interviewed.  Then surprise surprise out of nowhere, the New England Patriots reared their ugly head out of nowhere with Nick Caserio on his Spygate 2.0 mission. As if Bill Belichick feared the Dolphins having one several hats and tee shirts because of the Dolphins.  Come Sunday Morning and on the eve of a great match between Wawrinka and Rafa Nadal…Dolphins Ross swung and missed on Slick Nick Caserio.  And as a result,  there was 1….wait….make that 2 GM candidates.  Then it became 1 with some older gentleman that at least had the Clooney grey hair, but wait who is this Hickey guy…I think.  It's gotten so dysfunctional in Miami that it gets hard to figure out.  Is every single person reporting to Boss Ross? Why is that?

Sure enough, the Miami Dolphins have announced that former Tampa Bay Director of Player Personnel Dennis Hickey would be their new General Manager, even though current Assistant GM Brian Gaine was interviewed twice for the job.  He was previously scouting at the Senior Bowl (you know, just doing what a GM does) and doing all the leg work.  So what happens now?  After all, Gaine wanted the job. Will Gaine quit and take all the draft information with him?  Will Hickey fire him?  Will it just be an awkward existence for both?

It's now being reported that the first 2 GM choices dropped out because they wanted to fire coach Joe Philbin. That's a big no-no in the world of owner Stephen Ross.  For some reason Joe Philbin walks on water on that planet. Not sure why since its ALSO been reported that the players in the Dolphins locker room say they don't respect the coaches.  Some want to find a job in the CFL just to get away from Miami. 

So why is Hickey going to play ball with Ross and his "Pontiff"?  We're hearing now that his job in Tampa was in jeopardy.  Makes sense now.  Lets see–work for the most dysfunctional organization in the NFL–or have no job at all?  Easy decision, but that doesn't mean all is well, OR that Hickey doesn't have some reservations about Philbin. So don't be fooled by this hire.  It's not all puppy dogs and ice cream in Miami.  

The world that Steven Ross lives in is something similar to a circus.  The question remains if GM Dennis Hickey will be the new ring leader or just another clown in South Florida.

For Dolphins fans, the media feeding frenzy continues placing perception as reality.