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The Day After: Dolphins Sink to 0-3

The Miami Dolphins organization woke up with a huge hangover this morning. Maybe not all of us drank off our sorrows of a 0-3 start but there has to be many head aches inside the confines of the Miami Dolphins headquarters in Davie.

Good news from week 3: Dolphins didn’t get blown out and most likely will have a high draft pick next year.

Bad News: The Dolphins have not been very good this year and
are 0-3.

Even Worse News: There is no reason to think the Dolphins
are going to get any better, any time soon.

Fans have been left pretty much speechless as the Dolphins once again came out flat losing to the Cleveland Browns falling to 0-3. Not only did the Phins fail to get their first win against the Browns, they failed to take advantage of the fact that the Browns were without their best player.

I could go into depth on how the Dolphins lost this game but I am sure not many Dolphins fans want to be reminded.

The image of Sean Smith (who was supposed to be part of the best secondary in the league with Vontae…take time to pause and laugh) watching Joshua Cribbs jump over him and catch a touchdown I’m sure is still in many fans mind.

Many of the trends that have plagued the Dolphins continued
this week:


Dolphins linebackers couldn’t cover an 85 year old grandmother as yet again another TE took advantage of this Dolphins defence.

The Dolphins D could not get off the field on 3rd down.


The O-Line once again did not give Chad Henne much time to work with

Chad Henne was given the ball in the 4rth quarter and good field position all set up to get the W instead he made a bad decision and threw and interception.

Reggie Bush has been used as an inside runner and fumbled instead of more appropriately being used as a WR or scat back.

Red zone = A disaster

Special Teams

Dan Carpenter once a reliable kicker has now either lost his confidence or just plain old lost it.

As you can see there are many issues that still plague this 0-3 Dolphins team.

The only thing to think about now is where do we go from here…start talking draft or new coaching options perhaps or is it too early?

Stay Classy! Phins Up!