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Dolphins made the right choice with hire of GM Dennis Hickey

What separates the Dolphins organization from other organizations is that Stephen Ross knows how to throw an introductory press conference. With the throng of media standing by and listening to every word, it is clear that owner Stephen Ross showed who's boss and the leader of the franchise.  It is clear that the buck stops with the owner.  It's respectable to see that despite the charade that has been the Dolphins for several months, see them rise from the ashes and put a good face on things. 

Owner and Chairman of the Board Stephen Ross may have stumbled on the right guy after an exhaustive search of 8 GM candidates where four turned them down because it wasn't the right "organizational structure."  Hickey, as a last minute or 8th choice, was the only guy with this many years of both experience on the personnel side and scouting side. From the beginning, Hickey and Philbin meshed and shared the same philosophy when it comes to football players.

In addition, it is evident that the Dolphins have a new GM that is going to get right to work and build this team from the ground up.  Luckily for the new GM Hickey, he might not have to add too much or subtract too little, from this roster.  He's free to do revamp it since he will be in control of the Dolphins 53 man roster according to Stephen Ross. 

However, with all of the infighting that occured toward the end of the season between Jeff Ireland and Joe Philbin, it is no wonder that the Stephen Ross did what owners do: assess the situation and make a decision.  

At this point, Dennis Hickey comes into a situation that has been portrayed as a mess of a power structure.  However, Hickey, seems 100% comfortable reporting to the owner and working directly with head coach Philbin and VP of football administration Dawn Aponte.  It is Aponte whom Hickey has been fond of from the get go in his summer workshop at Wharton Business School where both Aponte and Joe Philbin were present.  Hickey mentioned that he was interested in Aponte's talk on salary cap structure and expects to be involved in that discussion when it comes to signing free-agents.  In addition, Hickey cited the idea of cap flexibility as a good reason for taking the job in Miami. 

Likewise, Hickey was first acquainted with head coach Joe Philbin in the midwest when Philbin was an offensive line coach at Iowa.  Hickey mentioned that he followed Philbin's career and grew an appreciation for him as a coach.

Finally, the reason that the Dolphins and Stephen Ross got their GM choice right: Hickey wants to win, but he wants build a team that is great on the field and great in the community.  

For that fellow Dolphins fans, we should expect big results on the field, but also be proud of these men who don the aqua and orange t-shirts as they serve the Miami community.  

Even though Hickey has a two year contract, one thing is for certain, he's going to work his darndest to bring the best this Dolphins team has to offer.  Was that something the other candidates could guarantee?